Anil is currently Studying in grade 4 at Shahid Dharma Bhakta English Boarding School. Recently held examination result shows he has average academic remarks. However the comment of his teachers about his discipline and behavior is very good. Anil aims to be an Army in his future. Anil is a bit funny guy but does his homework’s and given task by his teacher on time.


Anil likes playing with his friends. He loves to watch television in his leisure time. He likes to study story books. He is very active boy who takes part in each and every activities held in his school. He also loves to visit new places. He has a very good knowledge of paper works too.


Anil is very healthy boy. He likes to stay neat and clean so that he stays away from diseases. . A recent medical checkup has proven Anil a very healthy child. His physiological and mental status is normal for a boy