Sanjay is currently Studying in grade 12. The comment of his teachers about his discipline and behavior is very good. Sanjay aims to become a Computer Engineer. The subject he likes most is math and optional math and he feels English grammar a bit difficult. He gave his 11th standard examination.


Sanjay likes using computer during his leisure time. He also likes singing English songs. He is fan of Taylor swift. He is very good in writing poems. He likes to crack jokes and make the environment very fruitful for everyone. He likes to play football as well. He aims to become Computer engineer in his future.


Sanjay has a very good health. He likes to remain clean and tiny most of the time so he doesn’t get so sick. A recent medical examination held has proven sanjay free from any sort of disease. He has a very slim figure. His mental and physical condition is very sound for a boy of his age.