Want to do some voluntary work in Nepal?
We welcome volunteers from across the world of all ages and backgrounds to come and share skills and get involved in our various social welfare projects.
How To Apply?
You can apply for any of the DOCS Foundation Nepal volunteer programs detailed below:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or require any further information.

Placement Length: 1-10 Months
This program is focused in rural schools to teach English language. Its main objective is to impose student’s basic ability of English. After the completion of the training, the volunteers will be sent to the placement area to teach English in local school. Primarily, volunteers assist local English teachers in teaching conversational English in the school. This program aims to assist schools for their quality teaching by supplying volunteers, conducting school supporting programs.
Volunteers enrolling in this program are also expected to share their own teaching methodologies as well as helping the school teachers to develop their conversational English skills. Volunteers can teach English in community, youth groups and women’s group and also teach those children who are unable to go to school. Volunteers will teach 2-4 hours a day. The size of the class ranges from 10-80. The age of the school children will be mostly 10 to 16 years old.
This Placement Involves:
Teaching English (or subject of your choice) in local school Extracurricular activities (Games, Quiz, Drama & writing skills)
No teaching experience is necessary but a good knowledge of grammatical English is desirable.

Placement Length: 2-10 Months
Placement Involves:
Teaching Health (or subject of your choice) in local school Extra-curricular activities (Games, Quiz, Drama & writing skills)
Organizing different Health Placement in school or in community. A background or training in the same area is desirable.

Placement Length: 1 Weeks-2 Months
This program is targeted to anyone who has a keen interest in Nepali culture. After completion of intensive Nepali language training, volunteers will stay with Nepali family in village through participation in village life, volunteers will experience the different local culture, while sharing their own culture and custom. Volunteers will benefit cross-cultural experience through the cultural exchange program. The program is suitable for anybody, family, individual groups. There is no age bar for this program.
This is a unique opportunity to experience Nepal with a difference that leaves a lasting impression. The opportunity to stay with multiple families in different regions of Nepal can be arranged.

Placement Length: 1-3 Months
This Placement Involves:
Teaching English (or subject of your choice) in local school Extracurricular activities (Games, Quiz, Drama & writing skills) 
Help Orphan kids in their School’s home work Health & sanitation observation Run Orphanage hygiene placement.


Placement Length: 2 Weeks-2 Months
DOCS Foundation Nepal has established resource centre in co ordination with local school; it’s like a community learning centre where people from the different community come to learn something, this concept based on Drop in centre. The aim of the centre is to provide a place to learn for everyone. In the Community Learning centre DOCS Foundation Nepal places Volunteers. In the centre they work as a teacher and they will be responsible for opening and closing the centre and take care of centre.
In this Placement volunteer will be helping the community in various ways, they can organise English class for adult and kids. Help local student to solving home work organise home work assistance class as well as different education activity. Volunteer have to run special class for those kids who cannot go to school due to different reason (Financial or Physical) Working hours will be depending upon community people’s needs. Working hours will 4-5 hrs per day. To run this centre we need help and assistance from volunteers if anyone interested to work in this Placement can bring books, stationary and educational material from their country.
We are currently trying to buy a computer for the resource centre that people of the community can use the information technology at free of cost and will be a big mile stone for the rural community. If anyone interested donate money please contact. Your help will be appreciated. 

DOCS Foundation Nepal is offering the chance to build these badly needed structures, throughout the country. Obviously, building a school is not need every day of the year. Therefore programs are limited and one may have to wait until enough people volunteer to form a construction party. For more information please contact us.